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- Normally the importation taxes in Brazil are 60%, but with the shipping model you will use, you can have ICMS taxes added to that. For other carriers, we have some shipping models that avoid taxes for orders + freight valued below 40 USD

- We are a cross border e-commerce SaaS platform, one of the few companies connected to the Correios packet service in Brazil, that assists online sellers in the shipment of their products to Brazilian buyers. After receiving your packages at our warehouse, we generate national labels, consolidate the cargo, ship to Brazil, do the Customs Clearance and then make the final delivery to the customer. Our solution offers fast delivery door to door, anticipated customs clearance and full tracking.

- It’s simple! You just need to follow the instructions of this article and count on our support team if you have any questions!

- Cross border Ecommerce has to follow the list of authorized products for B2C transactions. Here you can find the lists: [link]

- Nobordist is a cross border SaaS Platform and you will pay only for the services you will use: Software, Shipping, Reverse Logistics, Notifications tax management or others

- It depends from which region you are shipping to and which carriers you will use. From a premium carriers, you can receive your package from 3-4 days from US to deliver BR door to door, including customs clearance in Brazil and last mile. With a Standard Carrier options, it will 10-15 days.